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Dhola Maru

1983 152’ col Gujarati d/sc Mehul Kumar pc G.N. Films p Govindbhai N. Patel st/dial Ramjibhai Vania lyr Kanti-Ashok c Randev Bhaduri m Mahesh- Naresh lp Naresh Kanodia, Snehlata, Jayashree T., Kalpana Dewan, Padmarani, Arvind Joshi, Firoz Irani, Nalini Chonkar

Major Gujarati box office hit retelling the love legend of Dhola, son of the Navrang Garh chieftain, and Maru, daughter of the king of Pingal Garh. Promised to each other in their childhood, problems arise when the queen of Pingal Garh kills Dhola’s father in order to annex his property. She later adopts her own brother as her heir while her evil subordinate Gumansinh falls for Maru.