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Dhirendranath Ganguly (1893-1978)

Bengali director, painter and actor born in Calcutta. Studied in Shantiniketan, graduated from the Government School of Art, Calcutta (1915); art teacher in the Nizam’s Art College, Hyderabad. Successful portrait painter and sought to extend his oil painting techniques into photography. Published 2 collections of photographic self-portraits, Bhaber Abhiyakti and Biye (1922), as photo montages with Ganguly himself modelling all the characters. Set up Indo-British Film (1918) in Calcutta with Nitish Lahiri. First film, Bilet Pherat, was probably ready in 1919. Returned to Hyderabad and set up Lotus Film (1922-4) on the Nizam’s invitation. Went back to Calcutta, after a short stay in Bombay, and started British Dominion Films Studio? (1929) together with P.C. Barua. Remained ardent supporter of Empire Films concept. Unable to sustain his studio into the sound era, he went freelance in 1934, including two separate periods at New Theatres. With Bilet Pherat introduced a type of satire into film (continued in The Marriage Tonic, Takay Ki Na Hay) analogous to 19th C. tradition of Naksha satirical literature, drawing on Pat painting? and the musical satires of Calcutta Theatres. Among his later films were adaptations of Premendra Mitra’s novels (e.g. Ahuti, Daabi).

FILMOGRAPHY (* act only): 1921: Bilet Pherat*; Shri Radha Krishna*; 1922: Sadhu Aur Shaitan*; Indrajit; Lady Teacher; Hara Gauri; Chintamani; Bimata; 1923: The Marriage Tonic; Yayati; 1927: Shankaracharya*; 1930: Panchasar*; Kamaner Aagun*; Alik Babu; 1931: Takay Ki Na Hay; Charitraheen; Maraner Pare* (all St); 1933: Mastuto Bhai; 1934: Excuse Me, Sir; Night Bird; Halkatha; 1935: Bidrohi; 1936: Country Girl; Dwipantar; 1938: Halbangala; Achin Priya; Abhisarika; 1940: Path Bhoole; Karmakhali; 1941: Pratishodh*; Ahuti; 1943: Daabi; 1947: Srinkhal; 1948: Shesh Nibedan; 1949: Cartoon; 1962: Abhisarika*; Rakta Palash*.