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    1212committed to upholding the honour of the 
    1313family or of the village. Since the mid-70s, after 
    14 Bachchan’s impact, mainly in action films, 
     14[[Bachchan]]’s impact, mainly in action films, 
    1515occasionally using complicated gadgetry but 
    1616always emphasising peasant simplicity and 
    1717beating the villain in physical combat. Since 
    18 mid-80s, notably in T. Rama Rao’s films but 
     18mid-80s, notably in [[T. Rama Rao]]’s films but 
    1919also in other Madras-based Hindi productions, 
    2020his presence is used mainly to ensure a film’s 
    2121nationwide distribution in a respectable 
    2222economic category. His early 60s films, in sharp 
    23 contrast to his current post-Sholay image, 
     23contrast to his current post-[[Sholay]] image, 
    2424presented a secularised Hindustani version of 
    2525Bengali literary stereotypes, launched by 
    26 Bimal Roy’s Bandini and continued in 
    27 Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s 60s socials 
    28 (Anupama, Manjhli Didi, Satyakam) and in 
    29 Phani Majumdar’s Akashdeep. Early 70s work 
     26[[Bimal Roy]]’s [[Bandini]] and continued in 
     27[[Hrishikesh Mukherjee]]’s 60s socials 
     28([[Anupama]], Manjhli Didi, [[Satyakam]]) and in 
     29[[Phani Majumdar]]’s Akashdeep. Early 70s work 
    3030transposed this image into tales of existential 
    31 suffering (Mohan Segal’s Raja Jani) and into 
    32 Mukherjee’s whimsical comedies (Guddi, 
     31suffering ([[Mohan Segal]]’s Raja Jani) and into 
     32Mukherjee’s whimsical comedies ([[Guddi]], 
    3333Chupke Chupke) made alongside Pramod 
    3434Chakravarty and Arjun Hingorani thrillers and 
    35 films like Vijay Anand’s Blackmail. Currently 
     35films like [[Vijay Anand]]’s Blackmail. Currently 
    3636promoting his son Sunny Deol (e.g. Sunny; 
    37 Ghayal, 1990); best-known performances of 
    38 the 90s in J.P. Dutta films. 
     37[[Ghayal]], 1990); best-known performances of 
     38the 90s in [[J.P. Dutta]] films.