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Dekh Kabira Roya

1957 141’ b&w Hindi d Amiya Chakravarty pc Shrirangam st Manoranjan Ghosh sc Chandrakant lyr Rajinder Krishen c Ajit Kumar m R.L. Suri lp Anita Guha, Amita, Anoop Kumar, Daljit, Jawahar Kaul, Shubha Khote, Sundar

A romance masquerading as a debate on art. A painter, a writer and a singer meet three women, each of whom loves one of the art forms they practise. Unfortunately, they are mismatched. The ensuing misunderstandings are resolved only after their respective soul mates have been discovered and their marriages arranged. This is one the the last independent films by A. Chakravarty, formerly of Bombay Talkies and the man who discovered Dilip Kumar in his first film, Jwar Bhata (1944).