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     1'''Daivathinte Vikrithikal''''''''' 
     41992 108’ col Malayalam 
     5d/sc Lenin Rajendran pc Souparnika Movie 
     6Arts st M. Mukundan lyr O.N.V. Kurup 
     7c Madhu Ambat m Mohan Sitara 
     8lp Raghuvaran, Srividya, Thilakan, Vineeth, 
     9Sudheesh, Siddique 
     12Based on the writings of noted author 
     13Mukundan, the film is set near the river 
     14Mayyazhi (Mahe) in an ex-French colony with 
     15continuing cultural links to its former colonial 
     16power. Father Alphonse (Raghuvaran), a 
     17French-speaking priest, amateur magician and 
     18alcoholic, decides to stay when Independence 
     19comes and the colonial functionaries depart on 
     20the last ship to Paris, much to the despair of his 
     21Francophile wife Maggie (Srividya). Years later, 
     22when their son Michael leaves for France in 
     23search of the ‘good life’, he shatters Maggie’s 
     24hopes for redemption. Their daughter Elsie 
     25becomes pregnant by her childhood friend 
     26(Vineeth), the son of a landlord and former 
     27Congress Party worker (Thilakan), and 
     28Alphonse’s only remaining acquaintance. The 
     29younger son of this landlord quits a potentially 
     30successful career at University in order to join a 
     31radical Naxalite group. The original novel 
     32attempted to investigate the conditions of 
     33culturally marginalized communities in 
     34Independent India. Rajendran, who contested 
     35elections supported by the CPI(M), proposes a 
     36critique of the ruling Congress Party, 
     37presenting it as a once-radical movement now 
     38infested with corruption and challenged by the 
     39progressive Left. The cinematographer Ambat’s 
     40work is, as usual, outstanding, especially in its 
     41creation of claustrophobic spaces.