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Dahej 1950 149’ b&w Hindi d V. Shantaram pc Rajkamal Kalamandir s/lyr Shams Lucknowi c V. Avadhoot m Vasant Desai lp Jayashree, Prithviraj Kapoor, Karan Dewan, Lalita Pawar, Ulhas, Keshavrao Date

Melodrama about the oppressive consequences of the dowry custom. Chanda (Jayashree), the daughter of the thakur (Kapoor), is to marry Suraj (Dewan) but his greedy mother (Pawar) demands more money than the thakur can afford. Chanda is tormented and eventually expelled from the house while Suraj is forced into a second and more lucrative alliance. In a comic and expressionist end, Chanda and Suraj die in each other’s arms, even as the dowry - which the thakur has raised after selling all his property - arrives at the doorstep.