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     1'''Dada Kondke  (1932-98)''' 
     4Marathi and Hindi director-actor born in 
     5Bombay. Employed as a millworker. Started in 
     6Vidushaka roles (‘the fool’) in Marathi lok 
     7natya, a bawdy working-class adaptation of 
     8Tamasha, e.g. his classic performance in the 
     9most famous play of the genre, Vasant Sabnis’s 
     10Vichha Majhi Puri Kara (1965). The Tamasha 
     11was first adapted to film in 40s Marathi cinema 
     12(Lokshahir Ramjoshi, 1947; Sangtye Aika, 
     131959) but Kondke took it to extremes. His film 
     14titles and dialogues are famous for their 
     15vulgarity and inventiveness. Often cast Usha 
     16Chavan as his leading lady. Début with Bhalji 
     17Pendharkar in Tambdi Mati. Started 
     18producing films with Govind Kulkarni’s 
     19Songadya (1971). Turned director in 1975. 
     20Had censorship trouble during the Emergency 
     21with Ram Ram Gangaram (originally called 
     22Gangaram Veeskalmi), intended as a spoof of 
     23the Twenty-point Economic Programme. It was 
     24remade by Mehul Kumar in Gujarati as Ram 
     25Ram Amtharam, as was Pandu Havaldar, 
     26which became Chandu Jamadar. Currently a 
     27vocal supporter of the Hindu communalist 
     28party based in Bombay, Shiv Sena. Acted in his 
     29own directions. 
     32'''FILMOGRAPHY''' (* act only): 1969: Tambdi 
     33Mati*; 1971: Songadya*; 1972: Ekta Jeev 
     34Sadashiv*; 1973: Andhala Marto Dola*; 
     351975: Pandu Havaldar; 1976: Tumcha 
     36Amcha Jamla; 1977: Ram Ram Gangaram; 
     37Chandu Jamadar*; 1978: Bot Lavin Tithe 
     38Gudgudlya; 1980: Hyoch Navara Pahije; 
     391981: Ram Ram Amtharam*; Ganimi Kava*; 
     401982: Ali Angavar; 1984: Tere Mere Beech 
     41Mein; 1986: Andheri Raat Mein Diya Tere 
     42Haath Mein; 1987: Muka Ghya Muka; 1988: 
     43Mala Gheoon Chala; Aage Ki Soch; 1989: 
     44Khol De Meri Zabaan; 1990: Palva Palvi; 
     451992: Yevu Ka Gharat; 1994: Sasarcha