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aka The Stain aka Stigma 1973 146’ col Hindi d/p/co-sc Yash Chopra pc Yash Raj Films st/co-sc Gulshan Nanda dial Akhtar-ul-Iman lyr Sahir Ludhianvi c Kay Gee m Laxmikant Pyarelal lp Sharmila Tagore, Rajesh Khanna, Raakhee, Baby Pinky, Raju, Manmohan Krishna, Madan Puri, Iftikhar, Karan Dewan, Prem Chopra, Padma Khanna, Achala Sachdev, Surendranath

A convoluted melodrama about Sunil (Khanna) who is charged with murder. He kills his boss’s villainous son (Chopra) in self- defence when the latter attacks his wife Sonia (Tagore). On his way to jail the hero has an accident and is believed dead while Sonia bears his child. Later, after she loses her job as a schoolteacher, Sonia and her child are given refuge by Chandni (Raakhee). Chandni is married to Sonia’s husband, Sunil, who did not die and now lives under an assumed name. Sunil is elected mayor but a policeman discovers his real identity and a trial ensues. Sunil and Sonia are eventually united again.