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    4747or Tamil state remained unrealised. In 1949, his 
    4848chief disciple, the playwright and scenarist 
    49 C.N. Annadurai broke away to found the 
     49[[C.N. Annadurai]] broke away to found the 
    5050DMK. The DMK was elected to the TN state 
    5151assembly in 1967, mainly on an anti-Hindi 
    5353through a conditional alliance with Indira 
    5454Gandhi’s Congress. The DMK split once again 
    55 when its most famous member, film star MGR, 
     55when its most famous member, film star [[MGR]], 
    5656was expelled for indiscipline and launched the 
    5757Anna-DMK (ADMK) in 1972, which later 
    5959Kazhagam (AIADMK), winning power along 
    6060with the Congress in 1977 and making MGR the 
    61 Chief Minister. The DMK under Karunanidhireturned to power in 1988 after MGR died, but 
     61Chief Minister. The DMK under [[Karunanidhi]]returned to power in 1988 after MGR died, but 
    6262was dismissed by the Congress (I)-backed 
    6363minority government in 1990 and then 
    6464decimated in the 1991 elections following Rajiv 
    6565Gandhi’s assassination which brought into 
    66 power MGR’s former heroine Jayalalitha as 
     66power MGR’s former heroine [[Jayalalitha]] as 
    6767the new AIADMK leader and Chief Minister.The 
    6868DMK Film genre is the most spectacular of the 
    7171(Annadurai, Karunanidhi, MGR, his wife and 
    7272former star V.N. Janaki, and Jayalalitha)since 1967. Annadurai launched the genre adapting 
    73 his own play Velaikkari to the screen, 
    74 followed by his script for Nallathambi (both 
     73his own play [[Velaikkari]] to the screen, 
     74followed by his script for [[Nallathambi]] (both 
    75751949). The films, esp. Nallathambi, were major 
    7676hits and spawned many more as the party 
    7777decided to use film as its main propaganda 
    7878medium with writers like A.V.P. Asaithambi 
    79 (dialogue for T.R. Sundaram’s Sarvadhikari, 
     79(dialogue for [[T.R. Sundaram]]’s Sarvadhikari, 
    80801951), A.K. Velan and the DMK poet 
    81 Kannadasan who also produced the 
    82 propaganda hit Sivagangai Seemai (1959). 
    83 Karunanidhi scripted Manthiri Kumari 
     81[[Kannadasan]] who also produced the 
     82propaganda hit [[Sivagangai Seemai]] (1959). 
     83Karunanidhi scripted [[Manthiri Kumari]] 
    8484(1950) as MGR’s first folk legend for directly 
    8585political purposes. He also wrote and 
    8686contributed lyrics for the most famous DMK 
    87 film, Parasakthi (1952), Sivaji Ganesan’s 
     87film, [[Parasakthi]] (1952), [[Sivaji Ganesan]]’s 
    8888début. A string of hits followed, often starring 
    89 MGR or Ganesan: Marmayogi and 
    90 Sarvadhikari (both 1951), Sorgavasal (1954), 
    91 and the MGR-directed Nadodi Mannan 
     89MGR or Ganesan: [[Marmayogi]] and 
     90Sarvadhikari (both 1951), [[Sorgavasal]] (1954), 
     91and the MGR-directed [[Nadodi Mannan]] 
    9292(1958). Annadurai had codified an elaborately 
    9393plotted and highly charged melodramatic idiom 
    9898leaders’ names and characters reciting whole 
    9999passages from Annadurai’s speeches (cf. 
    100 Pandharibai in Parasakthi). These devices are 
     100[[Pandharibai]] in Parasakthi). These devices are 
    101101part of a very rhetorical visual and literary style 
    102102as the hero, usually in the courtroom at the end