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aka Police Commissioner 1994 175’ col Malayalam d Shaji Kailas pc Sunitha Prod. p M. Mani s Renji Panikkar c Dinesh Babu m Rajamani lp Suresh Gopi, Shobhana, Soman, Ganesh, Siddique, Ratheesh, Ravi Vallathol

Suresh Gopi’s performance, embodying the fascist machismo of the honest and committed police officer, made him a Malayalam superstar. He plays the no-nonsense, seething, foulmouthed IPS Bharatchandran, quite prepared to bend rules ‘to get things done’. Both story and dialogue often powerfully invoke the widespread sense in Kerala that politics and society are so corrupt that only some ruthlessly authoritarian action can remedy the situation. The spectacular film’s music enhances the authoritarian rhetoric while invoking J.-C. Van Damme-type heroics. It did well in a Telugu dubbed version entitled Police Commissioner.