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Chuvanna Vithukal

aka Red Seedling 1976 96’ b&w Malayalam d/s P.A. Backer p Salam Karasheri pc Navadhara Movie Makers c Vipin Das m P. Devarajan lp Shantakumari, Rehman, Zeenat, Nilambur Aisha, V.V. Anthony, Siddiqui, Nilambur Balan, Sethu

Melodrama about two sisters. Bharati (Shantakumari) works as a prostitute for Madam Rudrama and tries to secure a better life for her younger sister Lekha, but the prostitute is caught in a police raid and jailed while Lekha disappears with a dubious young man. After she is released, Bharati plies her trade on the streets. A truck driver, Keshavan, is kind to her and a new life seems possible when a haggard Lekha suddenly arrives on Bharati’s doorstep, holding a baby and explaining that her lover has left her. The older sister sees their chance of a better life vanish as new burdens are placed on them.