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     1''''1983: Key Events''' 
     3* Violence erupts in Assam, led by the All-Assam Students Union (AASU) which boycotts the Assembly elections held with major military support, although none of the main Parties except the Congress (I) and some Left groups participate.  
     5* Rampant terrorism in the Punjab countryside, briefly quelled by massive state intervention, gradually resurfaces.  
     7* INSAT 1-B satellite is put into orbit from the US space shuttle Challenger, inaugurating the Special Plan for Expansion of the Television Network. 
     9* The Karnataka state subsidy to films is increased to Rs 1 lakh for b&w and Rs 1.5 lakh for colour, provided the films are in Kannada and made entirely in the state. Producers are allowed to do post-production outside Karnataka until 1986, when several dubbing, mixing and re-recording studios (the Chamundeshwari and Vasant labs, followed by Prasad Studios and Shankar Nag’s Sanket Electronics) are established.  
     11* Panorama of Indian Cinema at the Centre Pompidou, Paris.  
     13* First film in Garhwali (Jagwal) and Khasi (Ka Lawei Ha Ki Ktijong Ngi).