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'1974: Key Events

  • The Nav Nirman student agitation in Gujarat, opposing a faction-ridden Congress, the corruption of Chief Minister Chimanbhai Patel and escalating prices of wheat and cooking oil,leads to President’s Rule. The agitation spreads to Bihar as Jayaprakash Narayan announces his re-entry into political life to lead the movement, supported by the Jan Sangh, the Congress (O) and the CPI(M). A National Co- ordination Committee led by Narayan addresses a series of massive rallies, making Bihar the spearhead of the anti-Indira Gandhi campaign.
  • Anand Patwardhan’s Waves of Revolution (1975) chronicles the movement towards what Narayan called ‘sampoorna kranti’ (‘Total Revolution’).

*The strike of 1.7 million railway workers continues for three weeks with wide support from the anti- Congress opposition. It is broken through the widespread use of preventive detention under the Maintenance of Internal Security Act (MISA). The ‘peaceful’ nuclear blast at

  • Pokharan demonstrates India’s acquisition of nuclear capability.
  • Hindustan Photo Films starts limited production of positive colour stock.
  • The Film Festival of India becomes an annual event.