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'1969: Key Events

  • Indira Gandhi splits the Congress, sacks her finance minister Morarji Desai, and announces the nationalisation of 14 of India’s largest banks accounting for 52% of the national credit. She becomes the unquestioned leader of her Party. Her increasing use of radical socialist rhetoric attempts to neutralise both Left and Right opposition in the name of ‘progressive forces’.
  • The CPI(ML) is founded in Calcutta by Kanu Sanyal.
  • The atomic power station at Tarapur becomes operational. The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre produces Uranium 235. The scientist Vikram Sarabhai, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, presents his vision for Indian TV: to overcome simultaneously India’s two major limitations, geographical distance and linguistic diversity.
  • Publication of P. Parrain’s Regards sur le cinéma indien in Paris.
  • First Satyajit Ray retrospective at the Cinémathèque, Paris.