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     1''1953: Key Events''' 
     3* The state of Andhra Pradesh, merging the former Central Provinces and Telangana, is formed, with the cessation of the CPI-led insurrection.  
     5* Sheikh Abdullah, former Prime Minister of Kashmir, is arrested and imprisoned. Until 1975, Kashmir’s politics are largely determined by the central government.  
     7* The Sangeet Natak Akademi is launched to support and fund music and theatre; it is the first of the three autonomous institutions intended to channel government spending on the arts. 
     9* Do Bigha Zameen, showing the influence of Italian neo-realism, receives a special mention at Cannes (1954) and the Social Progress Award at Karlovy Vary.  
     11* Prabhat Studio ceases production.  
     13* Sharey Chuattar, the first film starring Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen.  
     15* The Cinematograph Act is amended, extending the powers of various authorities to suspend exhibition of certificated films.  
     17* The Film Federation of India accepts an Advertisement Code.  
     19* The trade weekly Trade Guide (edited B. K. Adarsh) is started; it remains the main Hindi film trade paper.  
     21* Filmfare inaugurates its annual awards.