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     1'''1948: Key Events''' 
     3* Gandhi is assassinated by an RSS member.  
     5* Limited India-Pakistan war over Kashmir, as India complains to the UN Security Council.  
     7* The Indian Army occupies Hyderabad, forcing the Nizam to surrender.  
     9* The CPI, which had fought the Razakars, refuses to call off the Telangana insurrection, raising hopes of spearheading a nationwide revolution. The peasantry fights the army until the insurrection is called off in 1951.  
     11* The Press Trust of India is formed as a news agency under an agreement with Reuter and the Indian & Eastern Newspaper Society.  
     13* The Progressive Artists Group, formed in 1947 in Bombay, has its first show.  
     15* Sombhu Mitra starts the theatre group Bohurupee.  
     17* The Atomic Energy Act is passed. 
     19* Uday Shankar makes his nationalist dance spectacular Kalpana;  
     21* S. S. Vasan’s Chandralekha is the first Madras production to become an all-India hit; both films are made at the Gemini Studio.  
     23* Bhavnani’s Ajit is made on 16mm Kodachrome and blown up to 35mm in the USA.  
     25* Nirmala is the first Malayalam film made in Kerala.  
     27* Raj Kapoor starts his R. K. Films, building his studio in 1950.  
     29* Nehru announces a freeze on the construction of movie theatres.  
     31* Gour Chattopadhyay initiates the Bengali film monthly Chitrabani, the most reliable record of 40s-50s Bengali cinema together with Rupamancha.