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1940: Key Events

  • The All-India Muslim League adopts the ‘Pakistan resolution’ at Lahore.
  • The harmonium is banned from All-India Radio: its tempered scale, adapted from the organ, is considered antithetical to the shruti or the microtones that give Indian music its continuous scale.
  • Only decades later would this commonly used musical instrument be allowed on radio again.
  • Film Advisory Board is set up by the government and is granted monopoly over raw stock.
  • Intensification of censorship of films likely to support the independence movement with images or words.
  • P. K. Atre, Master Vinayak and others start Navyug Chitrapat with public finance.
  • Mehboob makes Aurat, the original version of Mother India.
  • Himansu Rai dies, and Devika Rani takes over Bombay Talkies.