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     1'''1934: Key Events''' 
     3* The Congress Socialist Party is founded in Bombay, consisting of a group of Marxists, including Jayaprakash Narayan, Achyut Patwardhan and Yusuf Meherally; it later re- established links with the A. P. Kisan Sabhas and emphasised land reform as an integral part of the nationalist agenda.  
     5* The CPI is banned.  
     7* Jinnah returns from England to head the Muslim League.  
     9* Major earthquake in Bihar, destroying the city of Monghyr.  
     11* The Royal Indian Navy is set up.  
     13* Bengal’s ‘establishment’ literary weekly Desh starts. 
     15* [[Bombay Talkies]] is established.  
     17* Zubeida and Nanubhai Vakil start Mahalaxmi Cinetone.  
     19* First sound features in Oriya (Seeta Bibaha) and Kannada (Bhakta Dhruva).  
     21* Ch. Narasimha Rao’s Seeta Kalyanam, for Vel Pictures, is the first sound feature made in Madras.  
     23* Meenakshi Cinetone is founded with K. Subramanyam’s Pavalakkodi.  
     25* Priyanath Ganguly helps start Kali Films in Calcutta.  
     27* Rajit studio’s Toofan Mail is the Hindi cinema’s first major success in the ‘stunt’ film genre, leading to Wadia’s Hunterwali (1935). 
     29* The Hindi film periodical Chitrapat, edited by Hrishamcharan Jain, is launched in Delhi; it publishes scripts, fiction serials, poetry and news about international cinema. Bengali film weekly Ruprekha, edited by Jyotishchandra Ghosh, starts.  
     31* The Urdu novelist Munshi Premchand is hired as a scenarist by Ajanta Cinetone at Rs 8000 per year.