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     1'''1933: Key Events''' 
     3* The Indian Air Force is formed, named ‘Royal’ during WW2. The Indian Military Academy is started at Dehra Dun on the lines of the Sandhurst academy.  
     5* The government of India nationalises radio broadcasting.  
     7* Choudhury Rehmat Ali’s note of 28 January is the first time the word ‘Pakistan’ (Land of the Pure) is used: it is also a loose acronym for ‘Punjab, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Sind, Baluchistan’.  
     9* In Calcutta, Bengal Lamps is India’s first manufacturer of light bulbs and electrical equipment.  
     11* Natyamanwantar stages its landmark Marathi stage production, Andhalyanchi Shala. 
     13* Prabhat Studio moves to Pune; its Sairandhri, processsed and printed in Germany, becomes India’s first colour film.  
     15* Kolhapur Cinetone is started. Wadia Movietone is founded, establishing the stunt film as a respectable, big- budget genre, with Hunterwali (1935).  
     17* Vijay Bhatt and others start Prakash Pictures.  
     19* Vel Pictures and Tamil Nadu Talkies are launched in Madras.  
     21* Himansu Rai’s fourth international venture, Karma, is premièred in London.  
     23* The air-conditioned Regal Cinema opens in Bombay.