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     1'''1932: Key Events''' 
     3* Within three days of the Congress Party’s decision to resume the civil disobedience movement, the entire leadership is jailed and all civil liberties suspended. Over 80,000 non- violent protesters court arrest.  
     5* Ramsay MacDonald’s ‘Communal Award’, creating separate electorates in the provincial legislatures for Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Anglo-Indians, Europeans, Depressed Classes, Women, Marathas and ‘Others’, further emphasises British efforts to communalise the nationalist movement and gives a new lease of life to the Hindu Mahasabha, which becomes its most strident opponent. 
     7* First sound features in Gujarati (Narasinh Mehta) and Marathi (Sant Tukaram).  
     9* The East India Film Co. starts in Calcutta, pioneering Bengali, Tamil and Telugu film-making.  
     11* The Motion Picture Society of India is set up to represent the Indian film industry (in 1951, the Film Federation of India takes over).  
     13* Hindi weekly Cinema Sansar, edited by Radhakrishna Sharma and featuring screenplays, lyrics, stories and film news, is launched in Bombay.  
     15* In Bengal, the monthly Chitrapanji edited by Abani Basu includes serious essays by film-makers.