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1924: Key Events

  • First radio programme, broadcast privately with a 40w transmitter, by the Madras Presidency Club Radio. The station ran for three years.
  • Dhiren Ganguly exhibits Nanubhai Desai and B. P. Mishra’s Razia Begum in Hyderabad; the story of a Muslim princess falling in love with a Hindu leads to Ganguly’s expulsion by the Nizam and the closure of his Lotus Film Co.
  • Nanubhai Desai and others start Saraswati Film. Maneklal Patel starts Krishna Film.
  • Kamala Movietone is started in Lahore.
  • India’s first periodical exclusively devoted to cinema, Mouj Majah (Gujarati), is launched in Bombay by J. K. Dwivedi.
  • Hemendrakumar Roy and Premankur Atorthy start Nachghar, a weekly Bengali theatre and performing arts journal also publishing essays on film.