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  • Kakuzo Okakura, a Japanese artist and a militant proponent of a pan-Asian ideology, arrives in Calcutta as a guest of Surendranath Tagore. His ideas influence the Bengal School of Painting and are given a nationalist gloss by Sister Nivedita.

  • The first Indian to record a song on gramophone disc is Sashi Mukhi of Classic Theatres, Calcutta.This song was on 25 cms. one sided disc and the lyrics were 'Kanha Jeevan Dhan' from the play Shri Krishna. The song was recorded by Gramophome and Typewriter Comp
  • J. F. Madan launches his bioscope show in a tent on Calcutta’s Maidan, the foundation of a massive exhibition and distribution empire which dominated silent Indian, Burmese and Sri Lankan cinemas. Click here for a link to a case involving Madan theatres