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     41988 171’ col Malayalam 
     5d/s Priyadarshan pc Shirdi Sai Creations 
     6p P.K.R. Pillai lyr Shibu Chakravarty c S. Kumar 
     7m Kannoor Rajan, Johnson 
     8lp Mohanlal, Nedumudi Venu, Ranjini, Raju, 
     12Along with Kilukkam, the same year, 
     13Mohanlal established his collaborations with 
     14director Priyadarshan as among the most 
     15infallible in the commercial Malayalam cinema. 
     16When Kalyani’s (Ranjini) rich father returns 
     17from abroad on a brief holiday to settle the 
     18inheritance of his property, Kalyani’s uncle 
     19(Venu) hires a thief and con man, Vishnu 
     20(Mohanlal), to masquerade as her husband. 
     21The reason for this impersonation is to keep 
     22the father’s property from falling into the hands 
     23of a bunch of baddies (Srinivasan, Raju) who 
     24run the estate. Most of the film exploits the 
     25several comic possibilities of a spirited woman 
     26and a crazy hero being forced to pretend to be 
     27married. The story takes a tragic turn when 
     28Mohanlal is revealed as a murderer facing a 
     29death sentence, and he tells his tale in 
     30flashback. He had killed his deaf-mute 
     31girlfriend Revathi, when he mistook her 
     32Naxalite brother as being her lover. His child 
     33by Revathi was put into an orphanage when he 
     34was arrested. At the end, Vishnu and Kalyani, 
     35having fallen in love, are parted by the law, as 
     36he goes off to his death sentence while she is 
     37saddled with the responsibility of raising his 
     38orphaned child. The film adheres to the 
     39sometimes inexplicable tendency, for viewers 
     40unfamiliar with its generic codes, of 80s Kerala 
     41melodrama to end in tragedy.