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Chithegu Chinthe

aka The Restless Corpse 1978 129’ col Kannada d M.S Sathyu p G.N. Lakshmipathy pc Savan Movies s N. Rama Swamy, Javed Siddiqui c Ashok Gunjal m B.G. Ramanath, Prabhakar Badri, G.K. Venkatesh lp C.R. Simha, Shivaram, MacMohan?, Manjula, Paula Lindsay, Ram Prakash, Padma Shri, Uma Sivakumar

A crazy comedy using the conventions of mainstream Hindi cinema and set on a mythical island, Gajadweepa. The plot features crooked politicians and revolves around a gangster, Thimmaya alias T.K., ensconced in a home for the blind to cover up his criminal activities, and a popular film star Gajasimha (Simha). The star keeps escaping the traps set for him and becomes a successful politician. Good guys Avinash, a karate expert, and Mary (Lindsay), a foreign secret agent, take on the villains. Director Sathyu, better known for his poignant Partition drama Garam Hawa (1973), uses an idiom associated mainly with his stage career at IPTA.