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Chinna Thambi

1991 144’ col Tamil d/s P. Vasu pc K.B. Films lyr Vairamuthu c Ravindra Babu m Ilaiyaraja lp Prabhu, Khushboo, Manorama, Radharavi, Goundamani, Sulakshana

When it is predicted that Nandini, the first female child to be born after three generations in the richest family of the village, will grow up to marry a man of her choice, her brothers decide to bring up the girl in complete seclusion. When she grows up (Khushboo), the only male she is allowed to see is Chinna Thambi (Prabhu), the idiot son of Kannamma (Manorama). To escape, she forces Chinna Thambi to ritually ‘marry’ her by tying a mangalsutra (necklace) to her. This leads the brothers to retaliate, but eventually the idiot/ rescues Nandini.