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     1'''Chimanlal Muljibhoy Luhar (1901-48)''' 
     4Hindi director. Chemistry graduate from 
     5Bombay University. Noted author and critic in 
     6early 1920s, e.g. in journals like Vismi Sadi, 
     7Navchetan and Bombay Chronicle. Started career as laboratory assistant at Kohinoor 
     8Studio in the 20s. Became noted cameraman 
     9working e.g. for several documentaries with 
     10Bombay-based production unit K.D. Brothers, 
     11apparently under tutelage of an English 
     12cameraman affiliated to the Prince of Wales’s 
     13official entourage during his tour of India. 
     14Following a brief stint at Saurashtra Film in 
     15Rajkot (1925), and a longer one at Krishna 
     16Film, where he shot around 20 films, he joined 
     17Sharda with Dagabaaz Duniya (1926). His 
     18later films at Sharda included several Master 
     19Vithal stunt movies (e.g. Gul Badan, Kanak 
     20Kanta, both 1928). Wrote and shot Harshadrai 
     21Mehta’s costumed spectacle Janjirne 
     22Jankare (1927), praised by the ICC Report. 
     23Turned producer (1931) with partner 
     24Harshadrai Mehta (Mehta-Luhar Prod.) 
     25continuing in the Master Vithal vein of stunt 
     26and adventure thrillers starring Navinchandra. 
     27Then a partner in Sharda (1933) and a director 
     28at Sagar (1934-40), where he began signing his 
     29name to his films and introduced the stunt 
     30genre. Later directed Prakash Pics (1941-6). 
     33'''FILMOGRAPHY:''' 1932: Sassi Punnu; 1935: 
     34Silver King; Talash-e-Haq; 1936: Do 
     35Diwane/Be Kharab Jan; 1937: Captain Kirti 
     36Kumar; 1938: Dynamite; 1939: Kaun Kisika; 
     37Seva Samaj; 1940: Saubhagya; 1941: 
     38Darshan; 1942: Station Master; 1943: School 
     39Master; 1944: Us Paar; 1946: Bindiya.