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Chhoti Bahen

1959 155’ b&w Hindi d L.V. Prasad pc Prasad Prod. s Inder Raj Anand lyr Shailendra, Hasrat Jaipuri c Dwarka Divecha m Shankar-Jaikishen lp Balraj Sahni, Shyama, Nanda, Rehman, Mehmood, Shubha Khote, Sudesh Kumar, Veena, Badri Prasad, Dhumal, Radhakrishen, H. Shivdasani, Tridip Kumar

Prasad’s early Hindi hit is a family melodrama featuring Rajendra (Sahni) who must support his younger brother Shekhar (Rehman) and sister Meena (Nanda). Shekhar prefers flirting with Shobha (Shyama) to his studies and Meena goes blind. Shekhar then marries Shobha who starts oppressing her blind sister- in-law, eventually causing her to end up on the streets. Rajendra loses his job and ends up destitute, allowing the film to reiterate its humanist message. It was probably adapted from Ch. Narayanamurthy’s earlier Naa Chellelu (1953).