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  • Cheluvi

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     4aka The Flowering Tree 
     51992 102’ col Hindi 
     6d/s/co-dial Girish Karnad pc Sadir Media, 
     7Doordarshan p B.V. Ramachandra 
     8co-dial Padmavati Rao lyr Vasant Dev c Rajiv 
     9Menon m Bhaskar Chandavarkar 
     10lp Sonali Kulkarni, Gargi Yakkundi, Prashant 
     11Rao, Geetanjali Kirloskar, B. Jayashree, 
     12Sushma, Poornima Chikkerur, Girish Karnad, 
     13Padmavati Rao, Appayya, Sivdasan, Suresh 
     14Kulkarni, Vijaya Yakkundi 
     17Karnad retells a Karnataka folk-tale, dubbed in 
     18Hindi, usually told by women while feeding 
     19children or putting them to bed, a time when 
     20other women would also be present. A young 
     21woman, Cheluvi (Kulkarni), living in abject 
     22poverty with her mother and sister, can turn 
     23herself into a tree yielding an endless supply of 
     24blossoms as long as they are picked very 
     25carefully. The son, Kumar (Prashant Rao), of 
     26the village headman (Karnad), seduced by the 
     27scent of the flowers, marries Cheluvi and they 
     28enjoy her flowering in strict privacy. During 
     29Kumar’s absence, the headman’s young 
     30daughter Shyama (G. Yakkundi) forces Cheluvi 
     31to disclose her secret. Unable to comprehend 
     34the delicacy and beauty of the event, the 
     35children destroy the tree, leaving Cheluvi’s 
     36body as a mutilated tree-stump. In the end, 
     37Kumar disconsolately leaves carting off the 
     38Cheluvi-stump. The folklorist A.K. Ramanujan 
     39pointed out that in Sanskrit and in Kannada the 
     40same word is used for ‘flowering’ and 
     41‘menstruation’. Art direction is provided by 
     42Jayoo and Nachiket Patwardhan.