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Chattaniki Kallulevu

1981 141’ col Telugu d/sc S.A. Chandrasekhar pc Srikar Prod. p Venkineni Satyanarayana st Sobha dial/lyr Mylavarapu Gopi c D.D. Prasad m Krishna-Chakra lp Chiranjeevi, Laxmi, Madhavi, Kannada Prabhakar, Ceylon Manohar, Hema Sundar, Narayana Rao

Revenge drama with the siblings Vijay (Chiranjeevi) and Durga (Laxmi) pursuing their sister’s and father’s murderers John (Hema Sundar), Javed (Kannada Prabhakar) and Janardan (Ceylon Manohar). Durga, now a police officer, wants the murderers to be punished legally while Vijay tracks them down and kills two of them, on each occasion frustrating his sister’s invesitgations. In the end, when Durga is kidnapped by Javed, the hero rescues her and kills the last villain in her presence. The very popular film belongs to the Chiranjeevi genre of vigilante revenge dramas deployed as critiques of a corrupted legal system, here adding the motif that a female cop is no match for a macho man.