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Charandas Chor

aka Charandas the Thief 1975 156’ b&w Hindi d Shyam Benegal pc CFS s Shama Zaidi, Habib Tanvir lyr/m Nandkishore Mittal, Gangaram, Swarnakumar c Govind Nihalani lp Lalu Ram, Madanlal, Bhakla Ram, Ramnath, Thakur Ram, Malabai, Fidabai, Ram Ratan, Hira Ram, Habib Tanvir, Smita Patil, Anjali Paingankar, Sadhu Meher

Benegal’s adaptation of the classic Chattisgarhi dialect folk play by the noted stage director Habib Tanvir. Remembered mainly for celebrated folk theatre actors Fidabai and Madanlal and as Smita Patil’s film debut (in the role of a princess). The crazy comedy is about petty thieves in a village who keep eluding the bumbling police until the central character, Charandas (Lalu Ram), is executed for being honest rather than for being a criminal.