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aka Shelter of the Wings 1993 86’ col Bengali d/sc Buddhadev Dasgupta pc Gope Movies p Shankar and Geeta Gope st Prafulla Roy c Soumendu Roy m Biswadeb Dasgupta lp Rajit Kapoor, Laboni Sarkar, Sadhu Meher, Indrani Haldar, Manoj Mitra

As a result of his young son’s death, Lakhinder, descending from a family of bird-catchers, develops a mania for releasing captive birds, estranging his wife in the process. He turns increasingly inwards, rejecting the cruelty of the bird market in Calcutta and eventually also releasing his wife. At the end of this lyrical movie with exquisite panoramic and tracking shots, he is ‘saved’ by the birds as they (in an ironic reversal of the end of Hitchcock’s The Birds, 1963) enter his hut and offer him their protection.