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Chann Pardesi

1980 147’ col Punjabi d Chitrarath Singh co-p Swarn Seedha, J.S. Cheema co-p/st/dial Baldev Gill sc/co-lyr Ravindra Peepat co-lyr Pawan Kumar, Waryam Mast c Manmohan Singh m Surinder Kohli lp Raj Babbar, Rama Vij, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Om Puri, Amrish Puri

One of the few Punjabi hits is an epic melodrama spanning two generations of feudal warfare. The peasant Nekh (Kharbanda) loves Kammo (Vij), but she is seduced by the landlord Joginder Singh (A. Puri). Kammo gives birth to Singh’s baby after she is married to Nekh, leading to Nekh’s lifelong vendetta against Singh. Nekh becomes a bandit and on several occasions tries to attack Singh’s house, which leads to his arrest and life imprisonment. Years later, Kammo’s son (Babbar) falls in love with Singh’s daughter, Channi, unaware that she is his half-sister. Eventually, after Nekh’s release and complications involving Singh’s blackmailing secretary (O. Puri) and Channi’s wedding, the outlaw is reconciled with his wife. All leading players were imported from the Hindi cinema, inaugurating a new trend of commercially successful Bombay-based Punjabi movies as an offshoot of the Hindi industry.