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Chandrasekhar Kambhar (b. 1937)

Kannada director born in Belgaum Dist., Karnataka. Noted Kannada poet, folklorist and playwright (Jokumaraswamy, 1972; Sambhasiva, 1985; Siri Sampige, 1986, written in the Yakshagana idiom); author of a dictionary of Kannada folklore (1984). Fulbright Scholar (1968) and lecturer at the Universities of Chicago and Bangalore. Vice- Chancellor of the newly established university at Hampi, Karnataka. Advocate of a depoliticised folk revivalism particularly strong in Karnataka theatre (cf. B.V. Karanth) and literature since the early 70s. Extended his views into features and documentaries when, with other Kannada writers and theatre directors, he turned to film in the late 70s (cf. Navya Movement).

FILMOGRAPHY (* also act/ only music): 1977: Udugore; 1978: Sandarbha; Kaadu\ Kudure*; 1981: Sangeetha*; 1989: Kote Udugore; 1990: Hasiru Kaibisi Karedavo. Kameshwara Rao, Kamalakara see Rao, Kamalakara Kameshwara