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     41989 186’ col Hindi 
     5d Yash Chopra pc Yash Raj Films st Kamna 
     6Chandra sc Unmesh Kalba, Arun Kashyap 
     7lyr Anand Bakshi c Manmohan Singh 
     8m Shiv-Hari lp Vinod Khanna, Rishi Kapoor, Sridevi, 
     9Waheeda Rehman, Anupam Kher, Mita 
     13Yash Chopra returns to his familiar brand of 
     14romances (cf. Silsila, 1981) in exotic locations 
     15with this tale of Chandni (Sridevi). She is seen - 
     16and for a large part of the film, also imagined - 
     17only through the eyes of her lover Rohit 
     18(Kapoor), who decorates the walls of his room 
     19with the countless snapshots he takes of her. 
     20Later, while showering his beloved with 
     21flowers from a helicopter, he falls and is 
     22partially paralysed, prompting him to break off 
     23the relationship. However, his sexually charged 
     24fantasies of Chandni eventually rekindle his 
     25desire to live. After an expensive operation in a 
     26hospital abroad, he is cured and re-enters 
     27Chandni’s life just when she is about to marry 
     28her boss, Lalit (Khanna). The film and its 
     29marketing campaign revolve entirely around 
     30Sridevi, confirming her as India’s top female 
     31star. Arguably, the whole film can be seen as an 
     32extended advertisement promoting Sridevi as 
     33the Indian film consumers’ ideal fantasy of 
     34womanhood. including the popular song by 
     35Lata Mangeshkar, ''Mere haathon main nau 
     36nau churiyan.''''''