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1984 152’ col Telugu d A. Kodandarami Reddy pc Creative Commercials p K.S. Rama Rao st Yandamuri Veerendranath, based on his novel Dabbu- Dabbu sc Sainath dial G. Satyamurthy lyr Veturi Sundara Ramamurthy c H. Loksingh m Ilaiyaraja lp Chiranjeevi, Suhasini, Vijayashanti, Ravu Gopala Rao, Rajendra Prasad, Gollapudi Maruti Rao, Smita

Based on Veerendranath’s novel (cf. Abhilasha, 1983), the unemployed Gandhi (Chiranjeevi) claims that human relationships are more important than money and bets the rich Ram Mohan Rao (Rao) that he can earn Rs 50 lakh in five years. With Laxmi’s (Suhasini) help he starts earning money, initially by selling ideas, then in partnership with the unemployed engineer Vidyarthi (Prasad), becoming a successful industrialist. Rao tries to destroy Gandhi’s business, but fails mainly because Rao’s daughter Harika (Vijayashanti) helps Gandhi. Laxmi sides with the workers when they have a dispute with Gandhi and eventually Gandhi, having proved his point, throws it all away, rejects Harika, who was to have been his reward, and returns to Laxmi.