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Chakravarthi Thirumagal

1957 ? b&w Tamil d P. Neelakantan p A.L.S. Prod, Lena Pics. st P.A. Kumar dial Elangovan m G. Ramanathan lp M.G. Ramachandran, P.S. Veerappa, Anjali Devi, S. Varalakshmi

In a tough swayamvar (contest to win the bride), Prince Udayan Suriyan (MGR) of Kaveripattinam wins Princess Kalamalini (Anjali Devi) of Maruda Nadu by defeating the Maruda general Bhairavan (Veerappa). The latter plots with Durga (Varalakshmi), the princess’s best friend who also loves Udayan, to abduct Kalamalini on her wedding night while Durga takes her place in the marital bed. However, Udayan notices the difference. When Kalamalini escapes from captivity and returns to the palace disguised as a dancer, she discovers the truth and together with Udayan she regains her rightful position.