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Catechist of Kilarni

1923 St 6880 ft b& w cb-d/c R.S. Prakash co-d/co-sip Thomas Gavin Duffy co-s Bruce Gordon

Catholic propaganda film produced and written by the Irish lay-priest Thomas Gavin Duffy together with Bruce Gordon as a fund raiser for the Paris Foreign Mission Society in Pondicherry. Although there was a village called Kil-Arni nearby, the film was shot in March and Aprill923 in the village of Sattiamangalam inhabited by Catholic Untouchables to avoid problems of caste and religious dissent. The plot tells of a reprobate called Ram who is converted to Catholicism by the exemplary conduct of the local priest (Duffy himselO during an epidemic. The main interest of the film resides in its location footage showing the landscapes and farming practices in the district. The non-professional cast was recruited locally. The film was processed in Boston where it was premiered on 25 October 1923.