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Carnival Queen

1955 ?’ b&w Hindi d Noshir Engineer pc Jewel Pics s Adi Marzban dial/lyr Pritam Dehlvi c Aga Hasham, Jehangir Mistry m Shafi M. Nagri lp Fearless Nadia, John Cawas, Shanti Madhok, Habib, Sheikh, Prakash, M.S. Khan, Shafi, Aftab, Pritam Dehlvi, Aga Miraz

This late Nadia-Cawas stunt movie sees her as Asha, a champion with the six-shooter displaying her marksmanship in her father’s Great Jewel Carnival. To boost income and to pay off the Carnival’s debt to the villain Prasad, she hires the motor-bike stunt rider Ashok (Cawas). Prasad tries sabotaging the bike and various other villainies but Asha eventually catches him after a long chase sequence. Scripted by noted Parsee Theatre director Adi Marzban.