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1962 161’ b&w Kannada co-d/s G.V. Iyer co-d P.S. Gopalakrishna pc Ananthalakshmi Pics c B. Dorairaj m G.K. Venkatesh lp Rajkumar, Kalyana Kumar, Udaya Kumar, Ashwath, Leelavathi, Balkrishna, Narasimraju, H.R. Sastry, Adavani Lakshmi, Mahalinga Bhagavathar

Iyer’s debut is a political melodrama made in the context of the Bhoodana (land-gift) movement started by the Gandhian Vinoba Bhave, calling on all large land owners to donate 1/6th of their land for redistribution to the landless. Exploitative landlord Lakshmipati controls the bonded labourer Dasanna and his two sons Rama and Lakshmana. When he donates his sixth, the land is allotted to this trio who exploit it successfully. The landlord later reappropriates the land, causing Dasanna to go insane. One of the first Kannada political films, it is the only film to feature all three Kannada top male stars: Rajkumar, Kalyana Kumar and Udaya Kumar.