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Bhargavi Nilayam

1964 175’ b&w Malayalam d A. Vincent p T.K Pareekutty pc Chandrathara Prod. s Vaikom Mohammed Basheer lyr P. Bhaskaran c P. Bhaskar Rao m Baburaj lp Prem Nazir, Madhu, Vijayanirmala, P.J. Anthony, Pappu, Kothamangalam Ali, Baby Shanta, Malashanta, Parvati, Adoor Bhasi

Mystery story, and rare script by noted Malayalam novelist Basheer (whose diaries were later filmed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan, as Mathilukal, 1989). Set in a desolate mansion, it has a novelist (Madhu) who comes to stay and encounters the beautiful ghost Bhargavi (Vijayanirmala). He starts writing her story, a tragic tale about her love for a poet (Nazir) and her evil cousin (Anthony) who ruined the affair. As the novelist reads out the story to the ghost, the cousin turns up and tries to kill the novelist. They fall into a well but the ghost helps the hero out, leaving the villain to drown. Vincent’s directorial debut, and the first ghost story in Malayalam, the film was noted for its elegiac camerawork adapting a highly symbolic script. It was also the first big role of future Telugu star and director Vijayanirmala.