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Bhakti Prahlad

1926 st 7447ft B&W d Dadasahed Phalke pc Hindustan Cinema st V H Palnikar c Anna Salunke lp Bhaurao Datar, Bachu Pawar, Gangaram Nhavi, Yamuna Gole

Drawn from the Vishnu Purana, this legend tells of Pr:1hbd (Gangaram), the son of the demon tyrant Hiranyakashapu (Bachu). Prahlad disobeys his father by worshipping the latter's hated enemy, Vishnu (Datar). He undergoes tortures, including being burnt in oil, trampled beneath an elephant and poisoning, until, finally, Vishnu appears from a pillar in his Narasimha guise to overwhelm the demon. Available footage: 519ft.