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1976 139’ b&w Tamil/Telugu? d/sc A.C. Trilogchander p Cine Bharath st Maharishi dial Arur Das lyr Vali c Vishwanath Roy m Ilaiyaraja lp Rani Chandra, Sivakumar, Major Sundarrajan, Bhawani, Sukumari, Sivagami, Thengai Srinivasan, Manorama, Rajasekharan

Adapted from a popular novel narrating how a peaceful woman changes into a fury, the film’s climax remained unfinished due to the death of Rani Chandra, but was an immense success anyway. She plays Gayathri, whose happy middle-class marriage was ruined when a ‘chandalan’ Kandeepan raped her. Divorced and mentally disturbed, she still imagines herself to be married. Her ex-husband marries Jayanthi (Bhawani), but the evil Kandeepan lusts after Jayanthi as well and kidnaps her stepson to force her to sleep with him. Gayathri recovers her sanity long enough to hunt down the villain with a trishul and dies while killing him.