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1983 162’ col/scope Hindi d Rahul Rawail pc Vijayta Pics. p Bikram Singh Dehal s Javed Akhtar lyr Anand Bakshi c Manmohan Singh m R.D. Burman lp Sunny Deol, Amrita Singh, Shammi Kapoor, Nirupa Roy, Prem Chopra

Sunny (Deol) and Roma, alias Dingy (Singh), are childhood sweethearts. When Sunny is forced to become a farmer, Roma’s father Sardar Dinesh Singh (Kapoor) disapproves of their relationship. The arrogant Roma is ‘tamed’ by Sunny, who forces her to rebuild his house which she, provoked by his attentions, had destroyed. The father wants Roma to marry the son of his evil business partner Balwant (Chopra), but changes his mind when he overhears the villains plotting to appropriate his property. Designed to launch the career of Deol, Dharmendra’s elder son, the romance set in mountain scenery approvingly quotes ‘taming of the shrew’ motifs of masculinity. The film had one hit song, Jab hum jawan honge.