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Bees Saal Baad

1962 158’ b&w Hindi d Biren Nag pc Geetanjali Pics p/m Hemant Kumar [Hemanta Mukherjee] s Dhruva Chatterjee dial Devkishen lyr Shakeel Badayuni c Marshall Braganza lp Waheeda Rehman, Biswajeet, Manmohan Krishna, Sajjan, Asit Sen, Madan Puri, Devkishen, Lata Sinha

Suspense movie allegedly derived from The Hound of the Baskervilles. Kumar (Biswajeet) is the last in a long line of Chandangarh zamindars. He returns to his lonely ancestral manor where his father had been mysteriously killed after he was lured into the fields by the sound of anklets and a woman crying. Rumours abound of the ghost of a woman raped and killed by Kumar’s ancestor. Kumar falls for the local belle Radha (Rehman) and meets a gallery of dubious characters: an ex- con servant, a bearded doctor and a man on crutches who turns out to be a disguised policeman. The first half of the film builds up the suspense, mostly using the soundtrack according to generic conventions. The plot then becomes a whodunit until the murderer is revealed: Radha’s guardian (M. Krishna), the father of the woman killed 20 years ago. Waheeda’s seduction number, associating her with the ghost, is the classic Kahin deep jale kahin dil (sung by Lata Mangeshkar).