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Bangaru Pichika

1968 145’ b&w Telugu d Bapu pc Shri Ganesh Pics s Mullapudi Venkatramana lyr Arudra c Kannappa m K.V. Mahadevan lp Shantakumari, Vijayanirmala, Padmanjali, Chandramohan, Ramana Panthulu, Rajababu, Chalapathi Rao, ‘Sakshi’ Rangarao

The rich mother (Shantakumari) of hero (Chandramohan) wants him to marry but his worldly-wise father advises him to escape from his mother’s clutches and to seek his own fortune. He runs away, pursued by several people seeking to collect the reward offered by his mother for locating him. A criminal gang uses one of its female members (Vijayanirmala) to lure the hero into its control. Eventually she falls in love with her target and proves to be his only true friend. The fast-paced movie is noted for its racy script, although Vijayanirmala claimed it as an art-house movie since she wore the same costume throughout.