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Bangaru Papa

1954 183’ b&w Telugu d/co-sc B.N. Reddi pc Vauhini st/co-sc Palagummi Padmaraju from George Eliot’s Silas Marner lyr Devulapalli Krishna Sastry c B.N. Konda Reddy m A. Rama Rao lp S.V. Ranga Rao, K. Jaggaiah, Jamuna, Krishnakumari, Ramasarma, Vidyavati, Ramana Reddy, Jayalakshmi, Hemalatha

The rich Manohar (Jaggaiah) marries the poor Shanta (Jamuna), neglecting to inform his conservative and tyrannical father. The father forces him to marry a girl of his choice, even as Shanta dies in a storm leaving an infant daughter behind. The daughter is rescued by the criminal Kotaiah (Ranga Rao) who, while raising her, becomes a reformed character. Manohar suffers, unable to declare the woman to be his daughter. The melodrama is remembered for Ranga Rao’s performance. A commercial flop though a success among the urban upper class.