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Bangaru Panjaram

1965 168’ b&w Telugu d B.N. Reddi pc Vauhini s Palagummi Padmaraju lyr Devulapalli Krishna Sastry, Sri Sri c B.N. Konda Reddy, C.A.S. Mani, Madhav Bulbule m Saluri Rajeshwara Rao, B. Gopalam lp Shobhan Babu, Vanisree, Geetanjali, Sriranjani Jr, Ravi Kondala Rao, Pushpavalli

Marital melodrama. Hero Venu (S. Babu) marries the poor Neela (Vanisree) despite his crooked employer Rangaiah who tries to prevent the marriage. Venu’s uncle Ramakoti and Ramakoti’s daughter Padma, who loves Venu, plant the maid Mangamma in Venu’s house. Mangamma spreads rumours that lead to marital discord and Neela is forced to leave home. She is in a train accident and her husband believes her to be dead although she finds shelter in the house of a doctor. When Venu falls ill he is taken to that very doctor and husband and wife are reconciled. Reddi’s and the old Vauhini production unit’s last film was not a commercial success though it included some popular music such as S. Janaki’s Pagalai the doravera.