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1955 129’ b&w Hindi d Satyen Bose pc Basu Chitra Mandir s Jyotirmoy Roy’s novel Chheley Kar? lyr Jan Nissar Akhtar c Madan Sinha m Hemanta Mukherjee lp Ashok Kumar, Meena Kumari, Daisy Irani, Roop Kumar, Bhanu Bannerjee, Bipin Gupta, Pratima Devi, Nasir Hussain, Sajjan, Shammi, Indira Bansal, Mehmood, Narmada Shankar

  1. Bose’s directorial debut in Hindi is a sentimental comedy about an orphan called Tomato (Irani). Looking for a more congenial guardian in a park, Tomato selects Kamal (A. Kumar) and turns him into her father. Kamal is a blackmail victim and is burdened by many other problems but he and his girlfriend Usha (Kumari) find themselves having to look after the child. In the end, the child helps resolve all the problems. The precocious performance by Daisy Irani, Hindi cinema’s best-known child actress, was the film’s main highlight.