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Banaria Phool

1973 165’ b&w Assamese d/sc/dial Atul Bordoloi pc Goti Chitra p Keshab Sharma st Bireshwar Barua lyr Bhupen Hazarika, Nirmal Prova Bordoloi c Dinen Gupta m Jayanta Hazarika lp Biju Phukan, Ela Kakoti, Chandra Narayan Barua, Makham Khaund, Naemuddin Ahmed, Golap Datta

Romance movie featuring rivals in love. The hero is a young geologist, Abanish, the heroine a tribal woman, Sibila. The problem they face is presented by a villain and vamp. The film was known mainly for its music, being the film debut of noted musician Hazarika, and its competent direction (in a state where film was still a nascent industry).