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     1'''Bambai Raat Ki Bahon Mein''' 
     41967 136’ b&w Hindi d/s/p K.A. Abbas pc Naya Sansar lyr Hasan Kamal c Ramchandra m J.P. Kaushik lp Surekha, Vimal Ahuja, Jalal Agha, Madhavi, David, Persis Khambatta, Irshad Panjatan 
     7Characteristic of many CPI ideologues’ work in the 60s (cf. Sukhdev), this is a demagogic melodrama bewailing the city’s effect on ‘traditional’ values. The city is represented by nightclubs, swindlers and drunken women. The hero is Amar Kumar (Ahuja), a crusading journalist under pressure to accept a bribe to kill his story about corruption in high places. Returning from Delhi, he meets a bootlegger named Johnny (Agha) on the plane. An old passenger, Sevakram (Panjatan), dies and leaves a wad of money he stole from a bank. Amar, debating the future with his estranged wife Asha, winds up in Bombay at a nightclub. At Toto’s house, Amar meets the cabaret singer Lily (Khambatta) and the drunk Rosy (Madhavi). Although Rosy loves Johnny, he loves Lily. Eventually it transpires that Johnny strangled the old man and as the police chase him through Bombay, his car runs over Rosy and he is caught.